Tuesday 27 December 2016

A return to Nepal - Episode 2: The Bhote Koshi

In this episode we head to our favourite river, the Bhote Koshi, where we met up with new and old friends from Nepal, UK, USA, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia for the incredible Bhote Koshi Express race! As well as enjoying laps on the rest of the river. 
The river had change dramatically during the monsoon since last year, and we were one of the first teams to paddle it since the monsoon.
High water levels for this time of year gave us an awesome time for sure!! 
Sadly this section is under threat from damming and with other sections that already have dams on them, the Bhote Koshi will soon disappear, along with many, many other rivers in Nepal.
Big thanks as always to:
Pyranha Kayaks
Immersion Research
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Canoe and Kayak store

A Return to Nepal - Episode 2: The Bhote Koshi from Luke partridge on Vimeo.

Wednesday 14 December 2016

A return to Nepal - Episode 1: The Balehpi

So there's some words coming about my Nepal trip this year, don't you worry all you readers!
But me and Jamie have clubbed our media together to bring you a short series of Episodes of our time there this year.
We hope you enjoy it!

As always, a huge thanks to:
Immersion Research
Canoe and Kayak Store
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Pyranha Kayaks

A Return to Nepal - Episode 1: The Balephi from Luke partridge on Vimeo.

Saturday 15 October 2016

New Dewerstone range for Autumn/Winter!

I've been involved with Dewertsone from the start of this year via team Pyranha, and have loved every item of clothing I've had from them!
The designs are simple, yet stylish. Their cuts great and clothing comfy.

Really excited to now be on board more directly and very excited to see this seasons range!

Go and check it out here